Sunday, August 15, 2010

leslie & jamie!! this one's for you!!

hey cupcakes! new hampsh may not be sf, or austin, or irvine, but i hear there are some okay food spots to check out. you may not find an airstream with delicious delectables, but you can get some decent grub at the hanover inn! i met an amazing young woman from the bay area that works for a company my company just 'partnered' with - she's starting here 2nd yr at dartmouth this fall. she's from the bay, and i thought who else but her to get some hanover advice from?!? i spent more time talking about hanover food and what fun 'tuckies' have than work... here's her advice:

In terms of Hanover restaurant recommendations, the best by far is Yamas. It's a delicious Korean/Japanese place. My recommendations are Pork Bulgogi if she likes spicy food (spelled's #58 on the menu) and the Lebanon Roll, but everything is amazing. For a nicer dinner out, the choices are Canoe Club and Murphys on the Green. I'm not a huge fan of Canoe Club, but a lot of people prefer it. The Steak Tips at Murphys are really great. Zidans, the restaurant in the Hanover Inn, is also very good.
In terms of less nice dinners out, I'm a big fan of the Orient. For someone from the Bay Area, it is not good Asian food. However, given the limitations of Hanover, you learn to love it. I recommend the Hot and Sour Soup and Hunan Lamb. They should give up on good Mexican food for the next few years. Boloccos makes quasi-burritos, and Gusanoz delivers but is physically incapable of not putting cheese in a burrito. Only drunk college students eat at EBAs. C/A's Pizza and Ramnutos are both solid pizza places, I really like Ramuntos but it's a matter of personal taste.
Outside of Hanover, the options are a little better. A friend who's a huge foodie recommends Tip Top in White River, Simon Pierce (strongly) and Farmers' Diner in Quechee, and most restaurants in Woodstock. These are all a little more expensive, but worth the upgrade.

i hope you find these recommendations from a very young college student helpful. she told me her goal while home this summer was to eat at Zachary's as many times as possible - somehow, this gave her enough street-cred to recommend food to my over-30 newlywed friends. the gushing about how much fun 'tuckies' have was soooo cute - like so cute. my research (google 'tuckies' get this and this <2nd one not cool, but first one is oh-so-cool!) suggests she's correct. nod to her street-cred, #2.

love and miss you, kantahara's!

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Leslie said...

yup. this totally made my sunday!! when are you coming over so we can try all these places??