Wednesday, January 6, 2010

christmas day!!! {with the uncs*, aunt, + gran&grandpa}

around noon, my parents and siblings came over to celebrate christmas with jack (us, too, of course, but you know he's the main attraction!). *jack calls his uncles, "unc". too cute, we roll with it!

bike riding!
swinging on our porch swing (a awesome surprise from unc jd)

the costanzo spread

jam session with unc david and.........................


jk and les drove up to fairfield (solely for snacks, we know), and spent time with jack and chowed down at my parents' house. they left full, that we made sure of. it was such a fun surprise!


Leslie said...

it was a great surprise for us to get fed so well! :) thanks for sharing your holiday with the misfit toys.

devon lorraine ... said...

for some reason, i can't get all the photos to download :(

but it sounsd like an amazing xmas day with family AND xmas crashers!

Sarah said...

darn the photo isn't appearing on my computer. i want to see your x-mas crashers.

your son is A-DOR-ABLE!

courtney said...

so fun!
isn't the big 2 coming up soon?