Monday, December 21, 2009

how many trips does it take the green family to get a tree? three.

it took the green family three takes to get a tree this year:
take one: a trip to larry's produce - closed! so, we went to target, but decided it wasn't very festive/not a great tradition place. and a helpful customer told us larry's had great trees (we know, dude, thanks. but they're closed and we want a tree now!)

jack at target.

whoa. trees.
this is it, mommy!

the rooster always coming through for us.

take two: pick up jack at daycare and head straight to the lot. larry's would be open until 5, it's 4, plenty of time. except we don't have any cash. or checks. back home.
take three: back to larry's with a little time to spare. tree, check. tied on roof, check. in house, check. YAY!
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Leslie said...

and what a fine looking tree it is! totally worth the multiple trips.

devon lorraine ... said...

i love finding the perfect tree.

and i love all the posts you've put up here over the course of the last week or so. i'm feeling much more caught up on the greens!

jen said...

Thanks dev! It's my December resolution :)!