Tuesday, November 3, 2009

new job!!

yay!! i got a new job with a fabulous company (thus far)!! i am soooo excited and am enjoying training in santa monica. i am also very fortunate to have started TWO new jobs in the last year, during such a terrible economy, and finally finding the job i've always wanted (again, thus far). i work with schools to encourage them to encourage students to take our test prep program/tutoring/online courses for the SAT or ACT. sales + education? score. we focus on getting students better scores for better colleges for better jobs. better lives? score. and such a great social mission. not turning students down due to economic concerns. a place for those without the moola? double score. i am hopeful there will be many posts about the great things my company does. fabulous. they've sold me for sure. now to sell others. it all starts with passion from owners...to employees at corporate...to sales reps...to schools...to students. wish me luck!

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devon lorraine ... said...

best wishes on your new venture!