Thursday, November 22, 2007


we had a ton of yummy turkey and family time this year for thanksgiving! on wednesday night, pete and i had a wonderful evening with his parents and enjoyed a delicious turkey casserole, tons of veggies, a cranberry tart, and pumpkin cheesecake! we made plans to go baby shopping on black friday and headed home for some tryptophan-induced snoozing.

on thanksgiving, pete and i got up super early for brown thursday, shopping at big lots and kmart at the crack of dawn. we were on the search for a recliner for our bedroom and ended up with only a fishing pole from kmart. then we ventured to the dog park for some doggie exercise and headed off to my parents' house to play wii and eat turkey, welsh stuffing, green beans, yams, bread, and pumpkin & pecan pie! we walked off the dinner down by the pond, where my dad, brother, and pete fished for some bluegill and trout. mom and i got too cold, so we went back to the wii to bowl. unfortunately, my ribs have been hurting, so i had to be a spectator - nice that video games can actually be active now-a-days! some dog park pics:

black friday consisted of some leftovers and a trip to dublin (see post).

saturday took us to brentwood where we celebrated the holiday with eric, kaye, patrick, alicia, and fam. this dinner consisted of a bbq'd turkey, as well as a baked one, two stuffings (one of which I believe had clams in it!), mashed potatoes, and an amazing caramel-apple cake. i brought corn muffins (to steve and lucy's, too, they are quite the hit), sausage-stuffed mushrooms, and a black olive/cream cheese dip with Ritz.

thanksgiving sunday included a trip to breakfast with andy (in from hawaii), wilson, and kristin (jason was dirt-bike riding) at nation's in pleasant hill - yum!

i don't know how many calories were consumed this long weekend, or how many cubes of butter were sacrificed, but it was an astronomical amount and i have no desire to ever know. the baby kicked & squirmed around and i do believe enjoyed the scrumptious food!

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my, sometimes i come to you page, and there is nothing new. and sometimes i come to your page...and there are five new posts! BUT only once was there a belly pic...